Thursday, September 23, 2010

Earn Money From every links in your website or blog to make money online

How could you earn money from every links in your website or use your blog to make money online.
Here comes the Viglink For you.

What is it?
VigLink makes it an easy way to make some extra cash from the content that you put on your blog or website. It’s a content monetization company. Every time you write about a product or service on your blog, VigLink will convert the normal links for that product or service into an affiliate link automatically.

Good news 
Its free!So

3 steps to your goal
  • Create links in your blog or webpages as normal.
  • When visitors click a link, they follow along.
  • If a purchase is made, you earn a commission.
What you will end up with?

VigLink payment system
VigLink send payments via Check in US and through Paypal in countries where it’s applicable. $25 is the minimum payout and they charge 25 percent of your earnings as their commission and send the rest to you via check or Paypal.

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