Friday, September 3, 2010

how to make money using kontera

Kontera is a popular contextual link advertising program.it is a double underlined contextually relevant keyword on a web page that upon mouse-over opens a small bubble like box that displays and links to an ad from one of Kontera’s advertisers.
When a visitor clicks the in text advertisement, they will be taken to the advertiser’s web site and the publisher will make money online. With ContentLink, advertisers reach their targeted audience on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis.

Kontera works harmoniously with Google AdSense and is open to bloggers whose blogs meet the current requirements outlined on the Kontera Web site.

To add Kontera contextual link ads to your blog, follow these steps:

1. Visit www.Kontera.com and sign up for an account.
Complete the online application to request a Kontera publisher account.

Activate your account by signing into your mail account.

Provide your account informations

Get your kontera tag.Then choose your platform ,choose your link colour,copy the code and paste it in your pages.

for blogger:
select radio button for blogger and you will be promoted to your blog to add to it.

it can take up to 24 hours from the moment you've added the Kontera tag to your pages until the tag goes live.

If 24 hours have passed, make sure that your tag appears on your site's pages. To check this, review the HTML code for your pages by right-clicking your mouse and select "view page source" for Firefox or "view source" for IE. Next, by using the "find" functionality of the page with HTML code (Ctrl+F), type the word "kona" (no quote marks). You should see the Kontera ContentLink tag right before the closing body tag (</body), at the very bottom of the HTML code.

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