Tuesday, September 14, 2010

HubSpot's Website Grader-website anaylzer

Website Grader is a  Free SEO tool from HubSpot that provides an Internet Marketing Report for your website.Just go to http://websitegrader.com/ and enter your URL (optional:enter your competitor URL,email)and click Generate Report.After your have entered you will Provided with Detailed Report About your Website.
Whats Special in their Report?
Website Grade
On the report you can see a grade badge of your website (you can put that badge on your webpage if its above 90 )like this one below.

Blog Grade
Blog Grader is a free tool developed by HubSpot, similar to Website Grader but specifically for blogs.
It is based on a measurement of the traffic levels to your blog and the number and quality of links pointing at it.

Twitter Grade
Twitter Grader analysis of the influence and usefulness of that account for your marketing efforts.

They have divided the sections into five parts

I. Create Content
A. Blog Analysis
B. Blog Grade
C. Recent Blog Articles
D. Google Indexed Pages
E. Readability Level

II. Optimize
A. Metadata
B. Heading Summary
C. Image Summary
D. Interior Page Analysis
F. MOZ Rank
G. Last Google Crawl Date
H. Inbound Links

III. Promote
A. del.icio.us bookmarks
B. Link Tweet Summary
C. Twitter Grade
D. Google Buzz Count:
IV. Convert
A. RSS Feed
B. Conversion Form

V. Analyze
A. Traffic Rank
B. Score Summary

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