Monday, October 11, 2010

Real time web analytics with graphics using Clicky

Clicky a good alternative to Google Analytics,. Unlike most traditional analytics tools, Clicky is very user friendly and intuitive.Clicky provides Real-time, in-depth statistics of your traffic ,as a result this tool gives you all the information, and CORRECT informaiton.
Clicky is designed to be the easiest web analytics service you've ever used. Services like Google Analytics do everything except take out the trash, but you probably don't know what any of the data means. With Clicky, everything just makes sense. Register now and see for yourself.

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Comparison chart

  1. Viewing the history for an individual page, search term, referring domain, etc
  2. Visitor segmentation
  3. Twitter Analytics
  4. Customized tracking.
  5. video analytics 
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Blogger/blogspot Installation
NEW Blogger
For the new Blogger, place your tracking code at the very bottom, right before the </body> tag.

OLD Blogger
If you are still using the old blogger, put your code somewhere in the 'sidebar' area, as shown below.

For other platform Have a Look 

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