Friday, December 24, 2010

Ruby on Rails(RoR) 3 concept

  • it is a opensource web application framework for the Ruby programming language
  • Helps to create powerful web application with less time and less code
  • A better alternative to PHP
RoR 3

What is RoR?
  • RoR stands for Ruby on Rails
  • Rails is a server side scripting language
  • RoR supports many databases such as
    1. MySQL
    2. PostgreSQL
    3. SQLite
    4. IBM DB2
    5. Microsoft SQL Server
    6. Oracle
    7. Sybase
    8. Firebird
  • RoR is an open source software
  • RoR is free to download and use
  • RoR uses Model-View-Controller Architecture
  • RoR uses REST(Representational State Transfer) web services
Look for this
Basic principles of Ruby on Rails (RoR 3)

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