Tuesday, March 8, 2011

List of admin tools for mongodb like phpmyadmin for mysql

Recently i made a post on How to install MongoDB to use with xampp on Windows.today i am going list few  admin tools for mongodb which will be very much similar to phpmyadmin for mysql.

Several Admin UIs have been created to help developers visualize their data. Some popular free ones are:

Fang of Mongo
 – a web-based UI built with Django and jQuery.

Futon4Mongo – a clone of the CouchDB Futon web interface for MongoDB.

Mongo3 – a Ruby-based interface.

MongoHub– a native OS X application for managing MongoDB.

RockMongo – Full featured GUI, more like PHPMyAdmin, written in PHP

Opricot – a browser-based MongoDB shell written in PHP.

PHPMoAdmin – a GUI similar to PHPMyAdmin, written in PHP.

Commercial admin ui for mongodb

for more details

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