Friday, September 2, 2011

how to add Animated title to blogger

Today i am going to share a small snippet for animating the title with javascript for your blogger blog.You might wonder why you should be adding it to your site but your visitors or may be you might be interested to see the animation in the toolbar of the browser.So let me share you the snippet with you.........

 just add the code after the title tag in the blogger html.
if you are using old dashboard..then follow this
design->edit html

new dashboard users follow this
template ->edit html

<script language="Javascript">

var tit = document.title;

var c = 0;

function writetitle() {

if (document.all || document.getElementById) {

 document.title = tit.substring(0,c);

 if (c==tit.length) {

 c = 0;

 setTimeout("writetitle()", 400) //


 else {


 setTimeout("writetitle()", 200) //







for demo look it to my title in the browser


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