Monday, December 26, 2011

how to create sprite images for spritely jquery framework

Today I will give an overview of creating sprite images for animating with spritely jquery framework .
I have already did a tutorial on adding spritely to blogger

Animation using spritely is very easy ,but without sprites images its impossible.its a strain to create sprite images though there are lot of online sprite sheet generators their limitation of image file size is limited.So, there is need for a sprite sheet generators softwares.Texturepacker comes to the rescue .

TexturePacker is a software available for both mac and windows for creating sprite sheets and texture atlases for game development, css sprites for web design and optimizes images for mobile platforms.With Texturepacker its very easy to create sprite sheets for animating.So with the combination of texturepacker and spritely animation becomes more easy for we developers.

Tutorials for using TexturePacker


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