Sunday, September 26, 2010

Find your post rank using Postrank

What is PostRank?

PostRank is a scoring system developed by PostRank (formerly AideRSS) to rank any kind of online content, such as RSS feed items, blog posts, articles, or news stories. PostRank is based on social engagement, which refers to how interesting or relevant people have found an item or category to be. Examples of engagement include writing a blog post in response to someone else, bookmarking an article, leaving a comment on a blog, or clicking a link to read a news item.
PostRank Simplified Process

PostRank measures engagement by analyzing the types and frequency of an audience's interaction with online content. An item's PostRank score represents how interesting and relevant people have found it to be. The more interesting or relevant an item is, the more work they will do to share or respond to that item so interactions that require more effort are weighted higher.

PostRank in Action

The PostRank data service can be used in many different ways. One example is filtering existing feeds to reduce the quantity of items a feed reader is presented. PostRank helps you engage with information that interests you. Read what matters and learn as much or as little as you want about topics, from every little bit to just the hottest news.
Let's use photography as an example topic. There are thousands of articles and blog posts about photography. Subscribers with different interest levels will have more or less time to dedicate to following news. AideRSS has built a feed management application that uses PostRank to find the articles and posts that people are talking about, helping you engage with key topics more quickly and saving you time.
Example of how to filter feeds

Engagement sources they track

Engagement sources evolve as new and interesting ways of interacting with with online content evolves. Here are several examples of engagement data sources that are included in PostRank:


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