Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to earn money using smowtion

Smowtion is anew blog Monetization opportunity for all new bloggers. I recommend all blogger to set up these along their web site. Not only the newcomers, even web site that acquire really good traffic. Smowtion pays off all blogger per impression. It works with cost-per-thousand impressions, cost per click and cost per action AD types. Altogether it will extend to eCPM which is Effective Cost Per Mile.
Monetize your site!
Compatible with ad networks like Text Link Ads or Google Adsense
SmowtionMedia centers on display advertisements and banners, so it's fully compatible with text and context links such as Google Adsense™ or Text Link Ads.Not only are we well-matched with additional networks, but we also encourage you to consider us in addition to the tags you’re using on your web site . This way you’ll increase your income just by adding a tag! (Current income + SmowtionMedia income).

What is Smowtion media?

Payment options
  1. A check mailed to your home address 
  2. Paypal.
Limit on Number of ads
There is no limit on the number of ads to be shown in a site

Banner Size they Offer

  1. 120x600
  2. 300x250
  3. 468x60
  4. 728x90
  5. 160x600
  6. 234x60

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