Friday, September 10, 2010

Onlywire Auto social submitter for increasing traffic

Onlywire is a Service that allows your content to spread to multiple social sites from one place with click of a button.With one click you can submit your content to top social sites such as Facebook,twitter,digg etc.
The onlywire button works within your browser,website,blog or even your iphone to simultaneously submit your content ,be it blog,article post,website or status update across the web.
OnlyWire automates the submission of your status and website links to 48 top social media sites.

Features of Onlywire You can see the result within hours.

Here is a quick overview of how OnlyWire works.

1. Sign up for an OnlyWire Account.

2. Sign up for accounts on all the sites you would like to submit bookmarks to. Then go to the My Services page on the OnlyWire site and enter in the usernames and passwords you created for the sites you wish to submit to.

3. Use  Browser Bookmarklet to submit web pages to your services.

4. Use the OnlyWire Submitter Application to clear your queue of submissions.

5. Add the OnlyWire button to your web page. If you add a button to your web page a user can send that web page to any of the services listed, but only one. If they have an OnlyWire account, they can sign in and send your web page to all the services they have signed up for. If they do not sign in, it will take them to the service they wish to submit your web page to and let them create an account and submit the web page.

Note:They provide paid as well as free service for more details look they site.

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