Monday, September 6, 2010

Ping post from your blogger blog

Blogger is not a search engine friendly format and does not have automated pinging. This means you need to manually ping each post through a service like Pingomatic,Totalping or Pingler.
I didn't find a way to ping automatically after i post something to my blog.So the only way i find is to ping manually.I can't go each time to the above mentioned  ping service to ping each post.
here i am going to teach you to make a ping button to your  blogger blog as a widget on the sidebar,were you could ping your post from your blogger itself as soon you publish your post by clicking the your favorite ping service.


Blog title:  
Blog URL:(add http://yoururl.com)
RSS URL:(add http://yoururl.com/rss.xml)

if you like ping-o-matic  in your blog here is the link.
Ping Using Ping-o-matic from your Blogger
For more ping services:Click here


  1. its fantastic post.ping o matic is a nice site.i always use it.

  2. Thank you much for this - added the total ping icon successfully to my blogger blogs for all my pinging needs!

  3. Totally cool! I had looked everywhere for this and found you - super thanks for making adding rss feed to a blogger blog fast and easy!

  4. This is new information for me.TQ very much.Keep it up!!!

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