Monday, September 13, 2010

Searchbliss-Web tools for website analysis

SearchBliss provide a  selection of SEO tools that allow you to easily monitor and analyze website performance for free. So you could Improve your website's search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

FREE TOOLS from SearchBiss:
Keyword Density Analyzer
Easily check and analyze any website's keyword density with this free tool. The website's title tag, meta tags, page text, link text, and images alt tags will be analyzed.
Search Engine Submitter
Instantly submit your website URL for free to the selected search engines listed below.
  1. Google.com 
  2. WhatUseek.com
  3. InfoTiger.com 
  4. ScrubTheWeb.com
  5. FyberSearch.com 
  6. GhetoSearch.com
  7. Amfibi.com
  8.  Boitho.com
Google XML Sitemap Generator
Enter your homepage url, select the amount of max pages to scan, which page extensions to include, and submit the form.

Most Popular Search Terms Checker
Get the most popular searches and terms from various search engines including Yahoo, Google, Ask, AOL, and more with this free most popular searches tool. Search term results are collected live from the Web.

Google Backlinks Checker
Check backlnks in Google and multiple data centers.

Global Google Keyword Check
Check website placement on Google by selected countries.

Search Saturation Check
Check indexed pages on the major search engines.

Broken Links Checker
Check the HTTP statis codes of URLs.

Keyword Suggestion Tool
Get keyword suggestions to improve traffic.

Google Dance Tool
Check website position on Google and multiple data centers.

Website Speed Test
Check loading speed and webpage size.

Check Backlinks
Check backlinks in the major search engines.

Search Placement Checker
Check site placement in search result pages.

Keyword Verification Check
Check site keyword ranking on search engines.

Google PageRank Checker
Check Google Toolbar PR for any website.

Bookmark & Blog Search Check
Check backlinks on blog and bookmark sites.

Meta Tag Optimization
Optimize website meta data.

Alexa Rank Checker
Check Alexa Web Rank for any website.

SEO Domain Name Suggestions Tool
Get available domain suggestions by keyword.

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