Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tweetboard for blogger an instant Twitter-powered forum

Tweetboard creates an instant Twitter-powered forum for your website. It is displayed on each page as an non-intrusive side-tab that you, or your site visitors, "slide out" on-demand.

Tweetboard pulls your Twitter stream in real-time, reformatting tweets into threaded conversations with unlimited nesting. Conversations that spun off the original conversation are also threaded in-line, giving users full perspective of what's being discussed, beyond what is possible by tracking tweets (and their replies) via Twitter or any client or application available today.

Tweetboard is also a powerful viral tool that engages your website visitors by notifying them of new activity (in the board) "since their last visit". A tab at the left side of their screen gives them an instant visual prompt of what's going on: a red notifier indicates that there *are* new tweets "since their last visit". Each time your website visitors post via your Tweetboard, a link back to the corresponding conversation is appended to their tweet, creating a viral stream of traffic proportional to the volume of tweeting performed via your Tweetboard.

Preview of how it looks can be seen From tweetboard website

Its Absolutely free to use.just enter your TwitterID or your your name and hit go Make sure your id is changed in the textarea then hit add to blogger button to add to your blog.others copy the code and paste it before </body> tag

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