Tuesday, October 19, 2010

keyboard-driven interactive web widget for blogger


Podipodi is a web application platform which provides a interactive widget for users to interact your blog or website with keyboard shortcut.Features that they provide with the apps are.
  1. An additional quick and easy to use user interface for visitors.
  2. A bunch of new useful services to enhance a website.
  3. A lot of customizable services you can link to html tag in your page.
PodiPodi comes in two version: the Command Line and Graphical Interface:
Command Line (Geeky Version)

In this version PodiPodi appear as a keyboard-driven interface (similar to a shell prompt) that allows the users to type commands and obtain respones. 
For this version you have to register a account with them.

Graphical User Interface (Joyful Version)

In this Joyful version PodiPodi appears as a flying box in the middle of the screen full of colored icons. You can click the icons to launch the services embedded in PodiPodi: Google, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and many more!

This version doesn't need a registration.
just embed the below code between the enclosing tag <body>.......</body>(blogger add to html/javascript gadget).note:PODI-PODI  should in capital otherwise it won't work

<script src="http://www.podipodi.com/get/PODI-PODI/" type="text/javascript"></script>

after installing the code just press SHIFT + SPACE.
visit this page for demonstration.

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