Saturday, September 18, 2010

SocialAdr - Automated Social Bookmarking

Socialadr is a automated Social bookmarking website not much similar to Onlywire.
A unique social bookmarking services community where you can create back-links and traffic using Socialadr with just 4easy ways

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1.Enter login details
for many of the popular social bookmarking services.

your own bookmarks.

other members' bookmarks that you enjoy.

submission to each service. No manual typing or dragging-and-dropping like many other websites and software require.

Currently  they support 19 social bookmarking services

1 - Mister Wong
2 - Delicious
3 - Faves
4 - BlinkList
5 - Spotback
6 - Kirtsy
7 - Multiply
8 - MySiteVote
9 - Jumptags
10 - Blurpalicious
11 - URL.ORGanizer
12 - Bookmark4You
13 - GetBoo
14 - OneView
15 - TugaTop
16 - Searchles
17 - Gravee
18 - LinkaGoGo
19 - Connotea

Option they provide

1.Lazy Accounts
They have paid solutions also Where they you have to enter only the bookmark details of the article.You dont need to register to social sites they do the rest for Payment details look to socialadr.

Less features you have to enter the login details for the social site.you  can bookmark only two Articles per day.

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